Conditions of Conducting Business
of the Regulatory Body INSLAB d.o.o Belgrade

1. Scope and Performance of Activities

The regulatory body INSLAB d.o.o Belgrade is responsible for performing the activities of controlling / verifying the measuring devices in accordance with the scope of accreditation and / or authorization granted by the relevant Ministry. It provides services entrusted to it, in accordance with the offer or contract.

2. Technical Documentation for Controlling / Verifying Items

Unless otherwise specified, the accompanying technical documentation should be submitted to the Regulatory Body INSLAB d.o.o. Belgrade in advance, before the start of scheduled activities at the latest.

3. Тransport of Staff and Equipment for Controlling / Verifying

The user is obliged to reimburse the transportation cost of the Regulatory Body INSLAB d.o.o. Belgrade staff for control / verification outside the territory of the Regulatory's Body headquarters.

4. Ownership and the Right for Using Documents

The regulatory body INSLAB d.o.o Belgrade, after the performed activities, in accordance with the determined results, issues the appropriate documents. The user has the right to use the results in accordance with the intended or agreed purpose. The user of the service will use the obtained results so that they cannot be misinterpreted or misused in any way.

The user has the right to copy all received documentation related to controlling/verification. A different way of using these results of controlling/verification is possible only with the consent of Regulatory Body.

5. Confidentiality

The Regulatory Body is responsible for all the information obtained or generated during controlling / verification activities based on the legal obligation. The regulatory body will inform the client in advance about the information it intends to make publicly available. All information is considered ownership of the regulatory body and is treated as confidential unless the client makes the information publicly available or there is an internal agreement between the Regulatory Body and the client.

When the Regulatory Body is required by law or competent authority to disclose confidential information, the Regulatory Body shall, unless prohibited by law, notify the client of the information provided. Information about the client, obtained from sources other than the client, will be treated as confidential by the Regulatory Body.

6. Responsibility for Quality Service Performance

The regulatory body INSLAB d.o.o. Belgrade will eliminate all shortcomings at its own expense,which arose due to the fact that it did not adhere to its obligations regarding the quality of services provided, which is determined from the commission records formed by the representatives of users and the Regulatory Body.

7. Safety at Work

The regulatory body is obliged to take all necessary measures of protection at work of its own staff during the performance of services, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant general acts on health protection and work safety.

8. Access to Facilities / Buildings for Controlling / Verification

The user pledges to provide unobstructed access to buildings that are controlled / verified. For specific facilities / buildings of control / verification, it is necessary that the user's representative accompany the staff of the Regulatory Body during the execution of the service.

9 . Service Provision Deadlines

Activities are performed within the deadlines specified in the contracts / offers or by the agreement.

10. Complaints and appeals

The user has the right to object or to appeal to all aspects how Regulatory Body conducts business.

11. Impartiality and Independence

The regulatory body conducts controlling / verification activities impartially and does not allow commercial, financial and other pressures to compromise impartiality and independence. Therefore, protection is provided within the organization, which ensures adequate separation of responsibilities and authorities between controlling/verification and other activities of the organization INSLAB d.o.o. Belgrade.

Belgrade, 10 June 2021

Biljana Stjepanović